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Fiber Converter Chassis

(14-Slot Rackmount Chassis )

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The MC-RACK-14 14-Slot Rack-mount Chassis is specially designed to accommodate OptcoreMedia Converters for central power supply, saving space and power cables. It is acceptable for the most 14 sets of 10M, 100M, 1000M Media Converters within a rack-mountable chassis which is supplied with unified power. Installing at the center of network, the Rack not only reduce the links, simplify the structure, but also ease for management and maintenance. 




Protects your investment in existing copper ethernet-based network, is an economical solution to achieve long distance transmission base on current status.                                                    

Lower Cost   




The power of the Rack can be supplied by the type of single power or dual power. Adopting dual power supply, the load of each power can be reduced and the life of the power would extend. When one power supply is at fault, the other one can still work independently. It would enhance the reliability of the RACK.
Supplying the Converters or Powers to be plugged and played.
It is possessed of stable performance, large capacity of power supply, and ease for management and maintenance
2U high: 19-inch standard design

3-year limited warranty 



Capacity:14 slots available 
Vripple: ≤20mm
Noise: ≤50mm
Power protectionprotection from over voltage, over current and short circuit
Power SupplyInput AC100~265V 50/60Hz Output DC5V 12A
Dimension 485 (wide) × 245 (length) × 90 (high) mm 
Operate environment0~50ºC, 10~90% RH
Storage environment-20~70ºC, 5~90% RH




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MC-RACK-1414 Slots Media Converter Rack with two types of power supply by one or two powers. 

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