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Gigabit Ethernet 1000Base T to SFP Fiber Optic Media Converters

(10/100/1000Base-TX to 1000Base-SX/LX/EX/ZX/BX Fiber Optic Media Converters with SFP Slots )

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MC-GS series Fiber Optic Converter transforms 10/100/1000Base-T (Copper Gigabit) media to 1000Base-SX/LX/EX/ZX/BX (Mini-GBIC) media and vice versa. The 1000Base-T port supports full duplex Gigabit connection at wire speed with RJ45 connector. The Mini-GBIC connection supports shortwave (SX) or longwave(LX/EX/ZX/BX) laser optic with multi-mode or single-mode Mini-GBIC module. This fiber optic converter will give your Copper Gigabit connection the ability to interface with fiber connection over a great distance.The performance and quality of the products are excellent because of adopting latest Gigabit IC from USA and Taiwan. 6 Group LED indicated lights could fully monitor the working conditions of converters. It is easy for users to observe and diagnose the failure of converters. The MC-GS Series Gigabit fiber optic media Converters could be used alone; but Converter Card should be inserted to 16 slots RACK supplied by optcore, which is suitable for the use of Network Centre.



Protects your investment in existing copper ethernet-based network, is an economical solution to achieve long distance transmission base on current status.                                                     

Lower Cost                                                                                                                   

More flexibility
Traditional fiber optic converters are with fixed optic modules, because the key part of the fiber optic media converter is the module which determine the key function of the fiber optic converter, once the converter is made, it can not be changed. This SFP fiber optic converter is unlike the traditional media converters; it is designed with flexible SFP (Mini GBIC) fiber optic transceivers so that the user can change the converter's function at their choice, such as the working distances, etc by only changing the SFP transceivers on the converters.

Easy installation and troubleshooting



Auto negotiation function allows UTP ports to auto select 10/100/1000M and Full Duplex or Half Duplex.
The UTP port supports the connection of MDI/MDI-X auto crossover.
Multimode Fiber: the max distance up to 224m/ 550m
Singlemode Fiber: the max distance up to 100km
Supporting the max 1536 byte Ethernet packet
Supporting flow control

Internal or External switching power: for users to choose.


StandardsIEEE802.3z, 10/100/1000Base-T and 1000Base-SX/LX/EX/ZX
Copper Port1 x 10/100/1000Base-T RJ-45 port, Auto-negotiation
Fiber Optical Port1 x 1000Base-SX/LX/EX/ZX SFP (LC)
Fiber ConnectorLC, Multi-mode
LC, Single-mode
Optical WavelengthSingle Mode: 1310nm or 1550nm
Multi-mode: 850nm
Flow ControlFull Duplex: Supporting standard IEEE802.3x
Half Duplex: back pressure
MAC addresses table4K
Data bufferBuilt-in 256Kbyte RAM 
Time Delay<0.9us
LED indicatorPower, FX SD, FX Link/Act, TX 1000, TX FDX, TX Link/Act.
Power SupplyInput AC100~265V 50/60Hz Output DC5V 1A
CableUTP: Cat. 5 or Cat 6 (the max distance up to 100m)
Fiber (Multimode): 50/125, 62.5/125μm(the max distance up to 550m or 224m)
Fiber ( Singlemode): 8.3/125, 8.7/125, 9/125, 10/125μm (the distance up to 15/40/80/120km)
Dimension Internal power: 40 (high) x 110 (width) x 140 (length) mm 
External power: 26 (high) x 70 (width) x 93 (length) mm
Operate environment0~50ºC, 10~90% RH
Storage environment-40~70ºC, 5~90% RH



 Ordering Information
MC-GS11-LGigabit ethernet 10/100/1000Base-T to 1000Base LC fiber optic Media Converter,1 SFP Port, without SFP Module
OSP1250-85-5NCR SFP(Mini GBIC) Module, 1000BASE SX, 850nm SMF 550m LC Connector
OSP1250-3115NCR SFP(Mini GBIC) Module, 1000BASE LX, 1310nm SMF 15km LC Connector
OSP1250-3140NCR SFP(Mini GBIC) Module, 1000BASE EX, 1310nm SMF 40km LC Connector
OSP1250-5580NCR SFP(Mini GBIC) Module, 1000BASE ZX, 1550nm SMF 80km LC Connector
OSP1250-55A2NCR SFP(Mini GBIC) Module, 1000BASE ZX, 1550nm SMF 120km LC Connector

OPB1250-3520NCR WDM SFP(Mini GBIC) Module, 1000BASE BX, 1310/1550nm SMF 20km LC Connector
OPB1250-5320NCR WDM SFP(Mini GBIC) Module, 1000BASE BX, 1550/1310nm SMF 20km LC Connector

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